In desperate need of a good nail brush with all the painting, planting and other grubby DIY I have been up to lately, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for something utilitarian but beautiful. I was thinking of one of those old-school wooden ones like the one we had when I was growing up.

How is this for perfect?

Made in Sweden (of course!) by Iris Hantverk Company, these brushes are made by hand. As if that isn’t awesome enough, the company employs visually impaired crafts people for the job. You can watch a Youtube video here to see how the brushes are made.

The company makes a variety of brushes – the backs and handles are made of oil treated birch, oak or beech and the bristles are horsehair, goat hair, Tampico fiber (native to northern Mexico) and/or plassava (bass) fiber, depending on their use.

I particularly like the body brushes made of horsehair that are firm but soft enough not to scrape. I can imagine they would lather up quite nicely! There are a variety of shapes…here are a few below:

My favourite is the round-knobbed one, as it looks like it would fit quite nicely in the palm. Though the short handled one with the hole is also nice and has a good heft.

Hantverk also produces a range of beautiful cleaning and kitchen brushes.

Wouldn’t they make cleaning more bearable??

Some of you may recognise the beautiful long handled brush and pan set that has been featured on several blogs lately:

I want them ALL.

I dropped into the Fritz Hansen shop on lunch and found a few there – they are as gorgeous as I’d hoped. Now I just have to figure out where the best place to get them will be!

I see that they are also available to my Canuck darlings through Örling & Wu in Vancouver and through Mjölk in Toronto.

Not that I am encouraging you to shop. (Like I have to….!)