Did you know that trends have an upcurve that plateaus and then peters out? The upcurve occurs as the mainstream catches on to the trend, getting more and more popular until it reaches its maximum popularity and becomes …unpopular.

I think I instinctively always understood this and have always felt that the uncool factor is reached when the trend STARTS to hit mainstream. It is interesting to look at the business of trend forecasting and getting a better understanding of how something that is oh-so-cool one moment becomes yesterday’s news.

The whole process is depressingly predictable for me. I get really excited about something which most people don’t even care exists …then years later it hits mainstream and becomes (for me) incredibly un-cool and loses its unique charm.

As such, here are a few such things that are, sadly, well on their way out:

Bus blinds, route signs and other ubiquitous signage from the war urging states of mind (don’t even say it…I can no longer even bear to hear the phrase. Brrr. It makes me slightly ill inside when I see them now.).


Chevrons – rugs pillow, curtains, bags, shoes, jumpers….you get the picture. Once fun and punchy, they now scream ‘last year’.


Closely linked to chevrons are Ikat patterns…a shame, this one. A little too closely linked to fashion and now EVERYONE is on the bandwagon. sigh.


Juju tribal hats. This one didn’t really have much of a hope in hell. Once the hat was mass produced for sale it lost a lot of its charm. Another shame.


And lastly for today, but certainly not least in my books – the ‘Victorian natural history’ look (damn you, Sibella, for getting this one on the mainstream radar!!).

Bell jars, taxidermy, dried plants, skulls, shells, glass displays.


Everywhere now. How depressing. Big sigh.