The newest obsession around the Roost… moulded felt slippers.

As the ongoing quest to stay warm in our icebox continues I am trying to find some cozy slippers which are sturdy enough on the bottoms to block out the chill of the bare floorboards and icy paving stones in the kitchen.

I ran across Pia Wallen’s felted slippers but they didn’t look quite what I was after…no soles…and at that price they had to be perfect!


Then I saw these:

Made in Denmark these Gelrups were designed by Nanny Gelrup in 1993 as a hobby, knitting socks, then felting them into booties and adding a suede sole. They became so popular that she and her husband have found a way to produce them for sale.

From The Label Finder:

‘Handmade from 100% pure, natural wool. The wool is treated naturally, and the product is followed closely, all the way from the animal to your foot. The wool is washed in soft water and trimmed afterwards. The wool is made into socks and finally felted with steam. After this they are fitted with soles of pure soft calves´ skin.’

They come in a variety of styles from clogs to little booties and even come with a rubber sole as a shoe.

I do love the booties:



But the rubber soled ones would last longer and stay cleaner:


Think this will be my xmas money purchase, but which one?

Decisions, decisions!