If you are like me, and have been somewhat avoiding the commercial madness of the holidays, you might also have waited this late for the big yuletide decoration bonanza…though I suspect I am one of the few!

I don’t usually wait this long, but it has been a busy month and time flew.

I really hate the wastefulness that comes around this time of year and cringe every time I read or hear of someone who changes their xmas decorations every year, changing colour schemes like a fashion whim. It just seems so needlessly…superficial.

It also generally means that the ornaments and decorations used are cheaper in quality and end up having that generic store display look. I know it is just my opinion, but it sort of makes me gag. !

Spurred on by a dear friend of mine who started collecting special xmas ornaments for her tree years ago, I am aspiring to only make or buy one or 2 precious new ornaments a year – unique, special ones that I will continue to love decades from now. This method also feeds my collecting obsession, and allows me to curate a precious little display (and yes, it is very little – we generally only have a small area for our decorations, so thinking a branch of ornaments hung on beautiful grosgrain ribbon with some fairly lights will do!), which I can pull out once a year and revel in.

I love this spare image below with its handmade branch star. The simplicity and uniqueness speaks of a simpler time where the holidays were more about spending quality time instead of how much money you rack up on your credit card!


The great thing about collecting beautiful ornaments is that you can also tell friends and family that you are collecting certain types/colours of ornaments, and it gives them something useful to get you that will remind you of them, year after year.

Also, you can create your own handmade ornaments, like the beautiful ones below for gifting to others. Use left over fabric scraps and iron on fabric transfers for the images and then sew and stuff, stitching the ribbon into the ‘pillow’ when you are closing it up. Simple but beautiful.


Don’t forget to use natural materials and real greens, like these moss wreaths below, to add a touch of classic beauty.

Not only is this method of decorating personal, creating a unique look, but it encourages a sense of tradition as you pull out those cherished pieces every year, creating heirlooms to pass down!

Only a little over a week left to go…hang in there, lovelies, and remember that the holiday is supposed to be about taking time to cherish loved ones and create beautiful memories.

Don’t get caught up in the commercial hype and stress yourselves to death!

Happy Holidays, all.

x Winston