The more I learn about felt, the more excited I get!

There is nothing quite like willfully doing the exact opposite you have ever been taught with wool – use hot water! SCRUB! Steam!


It really calls out to the destructive bit of me that revels in crowbars. But then, with felting, you get thing fabulous, solid, water resistant…thing.

Such fun.

A dear friend of mine mentioned that she was thinking of pulling out her felting gear, so thought I would post this project early…felted ball trivets!

From one of my new favourite blogs Purlbee – a knitting blog with some jaw-droppingly beautiful projects. I wish I could knit more complex things than squares. Hmmph.

See the full tutorial here.

Another dear friend gave me a box of wool roving for xmas, so guess what I am going to be making?

Here is a quick video on how to make felt balls for those interested. Super quick and easy.

If you are feeling like something a little less restrained, what about multicoloured squares?



Snowflake shaped?


So much felt…so little time.