Way back in 2010 I created the Roost banner with a jpg of Cole and Sons Woods wallpaper and then later posted a shot of the bedroom in our old flat with its  new wallpaper blue-tacked up and magnificently in place.

I was so pleased with the pattern back then, but always thought – as tends to be the way with me- that I would tire of it soon enough, and part of me worried that I had gone a little overboard on the spending for decorating a rental flat. I consoled myself with the fact that the paper wasn’t permanently pasted and I could take it with when we moved.

Two years on and a move to a new home, with a NEW blue tacked wall (this time in the lounge) and I STILL love it, which is unusual for me!

Every time I see it’s birch-y perfection I give a little sigh of satisfaction.

Below is a little slide show of images – starting with the new house, the same paper in the old flat , then random images I have collected over the last months.

The third in the first row even shows the paper in a caravan! FAB.

Click on images for the slideshow:

Thinking about it while writing this I have just clued in to why the paper thrills me so much (and only the black and white, though it comes in several colour ways).

The white on black, line-drawn quality reminds me of Pauline Baynes’ illustrations in the original Narnia books! (Such a shame the first movie was so flaccid and ruined the books for so many people. The series was so magical for me as a kid.)

All those black trees on yellowed pages from my grade school books. Weird that it would take me so long to clue in, but there you go.

Guess that is why I always get a somewhat snowy thrill when I look at Woods wallpaper… Nice.