After months of looking at our once prized cushions, bought with our sofa only 3 years ago and already fraying in a horrifically ghetto way (grrr), a few weeks ago I decided to get on with recovering them.

(Especially as the inner feather cushions were slowly shedding their bounty all over the damn room and making it look like a chicken coop! Enough was enough.)

Here are shots of the offending covers:

So pretty, and yet so fragile, despite the deceiving weight of the fabric.

You’d think for the £50 each Highly Sprung tried to charge us for them, they would have let us know the fabric wasn’t suitable for pillows when we selected it! My only consolation is that I managed to wrangle them into throwing them in for free…so can’t complain TOO loudly. Sort of.

But just look at the fraying:

Three years, and we weren’t rough with them…it is shameful.

Alright, my moaning over, I was telling myself I would go with something understated. Maybe a natural grey wool. Something classic and probably…felted (still obsessed, yes).

So I ordered some beautiful wool swatches:

…and though I saw some beautiful fabrics for future projects, nothing really worked with the sofa.

Too dark or too light in the greys, and looked dull in our nook of a lounge. Even the brights like that fantastic orange didn’t feel right.

Back to the search I went.

I will let you see what I chose later in the week…a bit of a tease, but have to run!