I had to post this, as I am extremely proud of it. My first truly beautiful knitted …thing!

Insomnia has been rife and I have been knitting like a fiend. I finished my most challenging project to date – this slip stitch Honey Cowl  – a few weeks ago and, though it is not as perfect as I’d hoped (I have come to the realisation that any flaw mars my knitting projects in my twisted, perfectionist brain. Being type A sucks!), it is the best looking thing yet.

Here she is!

Isn’t she GLORIOUS?

I used Madelinetosh’s DK merino in Iris, which cost a bomb – £15.95 a hank and this baby was about a hank and half – but I have to say the yarn is beautiful to work with. It is super silky and soft and the hand dyed hues are GORGEOUS – Iris is a rich indigo/purple.

…oh and it ‘frogs’ (unravels) easily, which is a huge plus if you are learning, as I am, and have to re-knit things constantly!

This cowl took 2 tries to get started, as I found out many hours in – both times – that I had twisted the thing somewhere early on and had to unravel it all and start again!

The pain. The horror.

Self lynching with yarn definitely gets considered in these types of moments. At least the purple would co-ordinate?

Anyway, macabre-ness aside, here is a close up of the ‘honey’ slip stitch which is a lovely, thick, pseudo-waffle. The colour is a bit off in this shot, but you can see the pretty stitch on the front and back of the cowl:

The only downside to the lovely yarn is that it comes from somewhere in California and, as it is hand dyed, takes a while to re-stock. There are only a couple of places that carry it in the UK, like Loop in Camden, so stock is a bit hit and miss, and getting the colour you want a matter of much planning. I was hoping to get a beautiful green for a friend’s cowl I am planning to knit in the next few weeks, but they don’t have any in stock. Sigh.

Anyway – you can see details of this project and find links to the free pattern  and my other projects on my Ravelry profile here.

If you knit and haven’t yet discovered Ravelry – GO. Now! It is an amazing resource.

So far, my grand plan of learning to knit is coming along well.

I have done a couple hats and even designed my own legwarmer pattern for my mom’s tiny little, French legs and am planning to start a …gulp….cardigan (!) in the next few weeks. Very nervous, but it is starting to be fun!

Sort of.

In a masochistic kind of way.