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I have been on such a light/white streak lately that it takes quite a bit to make me stop for dark walled shots.

This place  in Athens did it. Owned by 1900 – 1950’s collector Alketas Pazis the place doubles as a show room and set hire.

I love all the warm wood with dark walls and industrial touches.

A bit of quirk doesn’t hurt either!



Ever since finding this image of my dream bathroom I have been noticing more of those antique trifold shaving mirrors cropping up:

So pretty with their rounded corners…



… but not easy to find in the flesh.

All of the ones listed have been from the States.

Wonder why? Hmmm.



A harmonious mix of old and new…


I am getting back into colour swatching, mainly as a means to pick out the combinations  I am most attracted to!

This next combo is from the EST magazine showcase on interior designer James Huniford’s Hampton’s home which I find quite refreshing.

Not as glaringly white as the images I have been attracted to lately, this home is more traditional in feel and the house is filled with driftwood silver greys, faded sand woods and stormy sea blues.

I really love the drama of the massive ship’s anchor chain in the bedroom:

I also love the mix of all the antique woods – different patinas all thrown in together…

…and the scrappy objects around the house that add texture and keep the space from feeling too sterile. Though you can tell the shots were styled for a North American magazine as it just feels a little too pristine instead of lived in.

Overall, though, the space feels comfy and inviting.

Loving this look…and so easy to do with a marker or stencils. The hardest part would be deciding what to write!

Got caught in a pinterest loop…dangerous, beware! Here are my favourites for the day:


Bubby and I went to the Midcentury.Modern show last Sunday in Dulwich. It was our second year, and once again, did not disappoint.

They had a plug in TimeOut this year, so fearing it was going to be overrun, we tried to get there early, only to get thwarted by the tubes from East London (as usual!!).

It was around 11am when we arrived, and as you can see, there were already tons of people there.

Held in the lovely Dulwich College campus, the show offered a mix of mid century furniture and accessories and newer pieces in the same vein from emerging designers.

Though these bottles above caught my eye, I don’t think they were vintage, as they looked a bit too unblemished. Loved them, though. The font is great.

Am also partial to these Swedish Dala horses (Dalahäst) lately.  Love their cheerful, folksy feel.

Bubby got into the spirit by pointing out these gorgeous German kettles.

For the second year, these guys at MetroRetro (who used to sell out of Camden Market and are now based in Essex) made me pull my wallet out! They were carrying those great vintage teak test tube racks from Carmel College in Berkshire, and glass beakers from Oxfordshire that I just couldn’t say no to! They always seem to have really interesting industrial chairs, lamps, etc. that make me drool.

These lovely little dolls were one of the last things we saw as the crowds continued to grow and calm browsing turned into maze navigation! They were by an emerging designer, whose card I unfortunately I did not grab, as I had one eye on the exit and was looking for the spaces in the crowd to get there.

The Modern Show site has a list of people exhibiting here if you are interested in checking out their websites.

I have noticed more and more reclaimed windows upcycled as mirrors lately, and really like how they create a ‘trompe l’oeil’ of a window in the room, reflecting light back.

My favourites are old art deco- looking industrial windows, as they can be quite ornamental without being fussy and add an instant architectural feature to a space. Instant yum.


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