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Now that is a headboard!

Made of reclaimed wood by sculptor Ariele Alasko.ImageImage

She also makes lovely painterly/sculptural pieces:

See more here on her blog.


Some beautiful images from Hitoshi Uchida’s dreamy home in Japan:


Have a bit thing for targets at the moment.

I want to frame one for the wall…though running out of walls for art!! Is that sad?


Thing is, you can only get new ones in packs of 100+!




Anyone fancy going halfers?

I have always loved the look of antique/vintage shoe lasts and have been seeing more and more interesting things made of them lately dotted around the web.

Two notable examples are from Canadian twins Jason and Lars who work under the name the Brothers Dressler.

From bud vases and coat hooks in Canada…to lamps in Australia:

to book ends and toilet roll holders in the UK

and just plain weirdness in Sweden!

Another global upcycling trend!

The Freud Museum is organising a fundraising art auction as part of the celebrations surrounding its 25th anniversary. From 20 October 2011 to the 20 November work donated by contemporary artists are being exhibited and sold in silent auction to raise much-needed funds.

Here are a smattering of works being auctioned:

Antony Gormley

Michele Fletcher
Last Night

lili Spain
Victoria, Victoria! (or How to Create a Fake Deity on a Sunny Day in the Woods)

Linda Lencovic

Emma Jane Spain
From the series Echo

The full list of artists who have kindly donated works:

Judith Alder, Alice Anderson, Santiago Borja, Christie Brown, Jack Catling, Brian Chalkley, William Cobbing, Paul Coldwell, Anne Deguelle, Michele Fletcher, Patricio Forrester, Kathleen Fox, Solveigh Goett, Judy Goldhill, Antony Gormley, John Goto, Sarah Grainger-Jones, Maggi Hambling, Ollie Harrop, Susan Hiller, Andy Hope 1930, Sharon Kivland, Vivienne Koorland, Annie Leibowitz, Linda Lencovic, Barbara Loftus, Caroline May, Jane McAdam Freud, Maurice Owen, Katja Rosenberg, Martin Rowson, Nike Savvas, Josie Smith, Emma Jane Spain, lili Spain, Emilia Telese, John Timberlake, Alison Watt, Rachel Wilberforce and Helen Wilks.

All funds go to keeping the museum running and maintaining the house and grounds – like the historic therapy couch which needs thousands of pounds worth of restoration.

Check the amazing works on Facebook and bid for a good cause at the museum starting next Thursday!

Bubby and I went a little crazy on Monday and decided to do a quickie chalk board feature wall in the scary rental bathroom we have been shackled with in the new house. The walls are atrocious, so I thought this would help camouflage the worst wall and add some personality!

The decision was spurred on by this cheeky Elle Decoration cover, which I just loved:

…especially the unedited dirty bits – click on the image to read (details posted by Popbitch):

 Here are a few more images I have saved on this trend…

A natural history line drawing:


I particularly like the look of the next 2 ‘messy’ ones below.

These feel more natural, fun …and this is going to sound horrifically snobby (yes, I DO hear how much of an insufferable snot I must sound sometimes! Heh!), but the lighter grey of the wiped out chalk will lighten up the black a bit and make it more textural. Like the panel below, it becomes more like an expressionist painting and brings it all together somehow.

I can’t wait to get the chalk out when I get home from work. I will post the wall when we have the initial drawings done. Bubs has some nautical themed ideas and I am thinking maybe something akin to Tacita Dean’s yummy blackboard drawings, like the series The Roaring Forties: Seven Boards in Seven Days.

Little by little that poor, neglected bathroom is being redeemed out of the ghetto madness it is currently in (you will understand what I mean when I post the befores – dirty green/yellow, orangey wood, blue patterned tiles…brrrr! I was getting a rash even walking into the room.)

I can’t wait!

I recently treated myself to some vintage Dala horses via Mom’s birthday money (thanks Mom!), and the little darlings just arrived.

Aren’t they precious? They are in perfect condition and the two larger ones even have their original labels with maker’s marks…the largest horse has been hand labelled ‘Daddy 1967’!

The seller had listed them as Nils Olsson on ebay, but when they arrived I found that the 2 labels read actually read G.A. Olsson (Grannas Olsson) and Nils Olsson.

I have been trying to find out more about the difference in the two companies, but most of the sites are Swedish and the google translation is a bit of a muddle.

When comparing the two horses the one by Nils Olsson is more finely finished, while the Grannas Olsson is more rustic, with the carving marks left visible and unsanded under the paint:

Even with my terrible photography you can see the difference between the two in the images above.

I also received a little G.A. Olsson pamphlet with a bit of history (click on the image to enlarge):

There is tons of really interesting information on the history of the horse on the Grannas Olsson site if you are interested (both companies are still in production).

Fantastic placement of a Dali print! What a beautifully styled little flat.

A good friend of mine (ahem), Linda Lencovic, has an exhibition opening tonight in London near Notting Hill that I want to invite all of you to if you are around.

The works are drawing and painting, here are a few images below:

The show is on for a month at Art Work Space. You can get info on location and times and see more work on her website here.

Do hope you can make it!

Is anyone else getting really tired of all the royal wedding drama?

These ‘commemorative prints’ are the perfect antidote to all the smarmy coverage and tat that is being flogged! They are 50 x 70 cm and meticulously hand printed by the talented Daniel Speight over at The Soft City.

Get some original art while they last and replace that dated ‘keep calm and carry on’ hideousness on your wall with something cool (are you sensing my aggravation with those hideous prints??? So tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE. Ick.)

I am going for the last one, myself…now just have to find a wall to hang it on!!! (Why is everything in old houses so small??)


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