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Bubby and I found the best Bed & Breakfast in Canterbury a few weeks ago – the Arthouse B&B – a bright, quiet, comfortably converted fire station walking distance from the center of town.

Outfitted in midcentury modern, contemporary design pieces and original art work… with hand made rugs by one of the owners, Anna Deacon, the place was an aesthetic delight!

The beautiful flowered rug in the lounge below is one of hers.

The guest rooms are separate from the owners home at the back of the yard, and are situated in the old fire station, giving more privacy than the average B&B.

If you rented both the rooms in the station, you would have the whole place to yourself (and at £55-60/night per room, this would be totally manageable for a private weekend away) or you could take friends and share the whole pad!

Below was the cute front room we stayed in. Note the painted chair by Zoe Murphy, whose work has been featured everywhere lately.

The kitchen, lounge and dining area are completely for guest use, and a huge continental breakfast with fresh croissants was ready every morning.

The wire chandelier above the stairs is by the owners, textile artist Anna and graphic designer John Taylor, and the intriguing painting in the dining room is by Phil Wise.

We will definitely be heading back here for more relaxing away from the big city.

Book a room here on the Arthouse website…I highly recommend it!

Like most children, I always wanted a treehouse, which is why my pulse started beating faster when I saw Apartment Therapy’s post on La Cabane Perchee, a company that designs treehouses!

How much do I want to stay at Orion B&B in France… Located in St-Paul de Vence by a forest in the Cote d’Azur, this looks like perfection.

With cabins this cute and a gorgeous environment and natural pool to swim in on a hot Riviera day, what more could one possibly want?

Maybe just to live there forever?!

I do have a ‘milestone’ birthday coming up in a few years…this might be the perfect place to spend it!

On our trip south this weekend, we stayed at a gorgeous little B&B by Cranbrook called Waters End.

Here is a photo of the room we stayed in. The owner, Jill, did a beautiful job of decorating and outfitting the rooms. You could feel the love in the details, with gorgeous paper thin japanese tea cups on top of dressers and carefully thought out lighting. Everything was spotlesslessly clean and new.

The beds were feather soft Vi-Spring beds, with fab cotton linens, and a large claw foot tub rounded out the luxurious feel to the spaces. (I am now determined to buy a Vi-Spring mattress before I flutter to that great big parliament in the sky. I just have to find someone to purchase my owl-size kidney, and I will be all set.)

The house is a new replica of an old barn, using reclaimed timber and beautiful fixtures and fittings. It is placed on top of a large pond in the middle of 43 acres of farmland.
At the risk of spoiling a secret, you can book online here.


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