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A gorgeous neutral palette that is cropping up a lot recently is the combination of natural light woods and steely greys.

Creating a feeling of calm simplicity this colour combination draws on recent trends towards natural, sustainable, well made products without frills or fuss (eco-luxe?). Beautifully made wood and cork products, ‘earth-tone’ metals -steel, copper and brass- natural linen and marbled stone all highlighting their unique properties.

Think classically simple Scandinavian or Japanese products like those sold at Mjölk in Toronto:


So pretty. I wish I could commit to one simple colour scheme like this, but just love colour too much!

I am getting back into colour swatching, mainly as a means to pick out the combinations  I am most attracted to!

This next combo is from the EST magazine showcase on interior designer James Huniford’s Hampton’s home which I find quite refreshing.

Not as glaringly white as the images I have been attracted to lately, this home is more traditional in feel and the house is filled with driftwood silver greys, faded sand woods and stormy sea blues.

I really love the drama of the massive ship’s anchor chain in the bedroom:

I also love the mix of all the antique woods – different patinas all thrown in together…

…and the scrappy objects around the house that add texture and keep the space from feeling too sterile. Though you can tell the shots were styled for a North American magazine as it just feels a little too pristine instead of lived in.

Overall, though, the space feels comfy and inviting.

From the new edition of online magazine EST  – warm wood, and my favourite colour combination, turquoise and tangerine.

This title is especially for Das Bubs, as he was mocking my title-ing (title-making? title-endowing??) capacities the other day!

Starting up a new post category for my own amusement and as a swatchboard of sorts for combos I like!

The first – deep blue and mandarin combos…


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