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Mint is a big colour for this season. I normally have a hard time committing to colour on walls and cupboards, but this greyed out mint green feels quite neutral.


I could happily live with this. Especially with the marble backsplash…a nice touch.


Simple white bathrooms with some  interesting touches.

Really like the industrial texture from the cement bricks in the loo below:

Love the simplicity of this room. So simple except for the luxurious Pia Wallén blanket.


Quietly luxurious.

Update- I initially thought this was the £580+ Crux blanket but then realised the crosses are much smaller. Lo and behold, Wallén has released a cotton flannel version at a much more reasonable £146!

Some beautiful images from Hitoshi Uchida’s dreamy home in Japan:


I really should stop dropping into The Republic of Fritz Hansen every time I am the Oxford Circus area! I usually go in to gloat at the vintage knickknacks they are selling for a bomb which I already own and scored for cheap. ( Yes. I am sad. 😉 )

However, every time I go in there I also find they have brought something new and beautiful in shop for me to covet…

…like these Festivo candlesticks I snapped below last week by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala.

I have seen these a million times in images, as they have been around since 1966, but seeing their solid chunkiness shimmering in real light made all the difference.

I want them now. In multiples. Many mulitples. Like below…


What a greedly gorgeous grouping. Even without candles they are stunning. Sigh.

As happens, I am now noticing them everywhere:


Here is the old school label:


Check out those great candles!

I am thinking this year is the perfect year to start collecting, as not only do I have a milestone birthday coming up (!), but have a dear friend crossing for a visit via…wait for it…FINLAND! How perfect is the timing? I know for a fact she will be visiting the Iittala factory, so may put in a request before she goes.

Also putting it out there to any of you, nearer the time (several months yet!), who may be struggling to find a gift (I know I am a right royal pain in the arse to shop for, so since my early twenties have tried to make it easier. I know no shame.).

One of these, any size will do. For the next 3 years. Heh. No, seriously!

I really like the idea of getting these from my nearest and dearest and being able to think back to this birthday every time I see them.


A couple great shots from the new Rue Magazine:

I have a Monday morning question for all of you out there…Does anyone know who these chairs are by?

The images are from a Swedish real estate site, so they are likely Scandi.


Sometime last year, the Bubs and I found an old wooden ladder in a skip behind St. Pauls. Seeing its potential, I had my poor house elf cart it home for me and it has spent the winter outdoors, weathering, to what I hope will be a lovely silver.

I still don’t know where it will go…or where we will have room! But saw a bunch of great ladder images I want to share for inspiration:

all above via


Loving the feel of this place with its mix of crystal and Le Klint lighting and leather chairs.



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