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I saw these amazing chest of drawers on a lunchtime trek to Alfie’s Antiques Market in Marylebone. Although the  shop owner had 3 of these and was quick to tell me they were £1000 each, he didn’t know who the designer or maker was…which I thought was a bit lazy (if you had 3 in your store wouldn’t you look it up? Hell, even ONE???). All he knew was that they were British.

Anyway, judgements aside for the day, they are really lovely solid wood pieces that you could store TONS of stuff in.

Curious to know more, I posted it in the forum on Design Addict and got an immediate reply…Esavian Ltd! Apparently the company used to make educational furniture.

This is from Salvonews: ‘Esavian was the trading brand name for the Educational Supply Association Ltd, a leading UK supplier of school books, school furniture and fixtures including laboratory equipment, windows and folding partitions. The ESA seems to have commenced trading in 1883 at a purpose-built factory in Fishers Green Road in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The company had a forward-looking approach to modern materials and technologies. Esavian stood for low-cost, good quality furniture, but they became best known for innovative folding classroom partitions.’ read more here.

One of the cabinets I saw had the drawers painted white, which looks amazing, but I haven’t been able to find a picture large enough of a painted example to show all  of you.

But here it is with its drawers open!

Here is a 1950s compass table with matching chair, which might have inspired Jean Prouvé’s Compass table  :

A side/coffee table:

And in solid wood:

Here is the logo for future reference:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for these items now!


I know it isn’t Friday, but I wanted to add another edition to my sadly neglected ‘Thrift Store Friday’ category which I have been pretty lazy in keeping going! Not that I haven’t been thrifting…I just haven’t been blogging my fab finds! Bad Winnie.

Here is the latest troll-a- thon…Tynemouth Market. We were up in Newcastle last weekend for a group show and I was seriously disparing the lack of charity shop magic when on the last day – in the pouring rain- we decided to hit the antiques market at Tynemouth…and hit the jackpot.

In a beautiful victorian train station, the market was shielded from the pouring rain.

My shopping frenzy started with some antique wooden juggling battons:

Then moved on to this delicate little pair of turquoise parrots. I saw them glowing from a distance and swooped in for the kill.

Aren’t they amazing with the orange of the vase? And they have TONGUES:

Bubs is STILL mocking me for them, as he just doesn’t get their fabulousness. Poor, poor Bubby. Heh.

The cased orange vase was at a stall nearby.

I also scored an amazing vintage wooden tripod. The before image was lost in a camera glitch, but I will be unveiling the transformation tomorrow.

Lastly, but certainly not least, was this arched mirror. It is a little heavy, but I had my Sherpa (AKA Bubs) carry it for me most of the way, so it wasn’t too bad.

Here it is in the front hall with the juggling batons and some antique measuring sticks:

All in all, the North was pretty damn good to me, don’t you think?

My eagerly awaited Erik Hansen/Le Klint Scissor lamp arrived a few days ago, and I immediately started to get it ready for the wall.

For once I remembered to take a series of photos of my restoration and rewiring to document the process…those moments of bricking it when I couldn’t get the fixing back into the light holder/scissor section (bad, bad moments)…the relief when I did…

So naturally my camera somehow deleted the photos when I uploaded to the computer. Grrr. Hiss.

Luckily a precious few remained of the ‘before’ shots, so I can continue with my intended before and after-ing!

The shade was in worse condition than I initially thought, with a lot of crinkling and creasing in all the wrong places and the tension was gone due to missing and stretched out elastic.

Amazingly, as you can see on the right, I managed to get most of the wrinkles out and reshaped the shade by heating the vinyl with scorching hot water and re-pleating. (If anyone cares to know exactly how, please get in touch.)

I also replaced the  missing and worn elastic which is meant to hold the tension of the shade with fishing line. This last bit took me ages, and it became quite clear why the elastic is used, as it would have made it much easier. However, the fishing line won’t break down with age and did the same job.

You can still see a bit of the creases on one side, but the other is almost pristine. I am quite pleased with my efforts.

On arrival I turned the lamp arm over and saw the faint stamp on the right – a dead ringer for the Le Klint logo, shown on the right, that I have seen in photos for auctions on other Erik Hansen scissors:

As it was listed as a ‘Panton’ lamp, before it arrived I did have slight doubts as to whether I truly had scored an original Erik Hansen scissor lamp at a huge bargain, or if it was a replica. The shape was so obviously Le Klint, though, that I took a leap and bought it anyway. I have to say had a smug moment of jigging for joy when I saw the stamp (yes, Flatley is still weeping).

As the old wire looked worn and a bit ghetto, I cut it off and ordered some beautiful, braided, red fabric flex to replace it.

Then I wiped down the wood with sugar soap and gently wire-wooled away paint flecks that didn’t come off, then gave it a fresh teak oiling.

Lastly I rewired the lamp, added a cutely shaped vintage plug that is a similar aged honey colour as the shade, and hung it.

And here is my precious, fully installed and feeling fabulous!

Welcome to the Roost, little eagle.

I recently treated myself to some vintage Dala horses via Mom’s birthday money (thanks Mom!), and the little darlings just arrived.

Aren’t they precious? They are in perfect condition and the two larger ones even have their original labels with maker’s marks…the largest horse has been hand labelled ‘Daddy 1967’!

The seller had listed them as Nils Olsson on ebay, but when they arrived I found that the 2 labels read actually read G.A. Olsson (Grannas Olsson) and Nils Olsson.

I have been trying to find out more about the difference in the two companies, but most of the sites are Swedish and the google translation is a bit of a muddle.

When comparing the two horses the one by Nils Olsson is more finely finished, while the Grannas Olsson is more rustic, with the carving marks left visible and unsanded under the paint:

Even with my terrible photography you can see the difference between the two in the images above.

I also received a little G.A. Olsson pamphlet with a bit of history (click on the image to enlarge):

There is tons of really interesting information on the history of the horse on the Grannas Olsson site if you are interested (both companies are still in production).

Waiting (impatiently) for my Le Klint lamp and saw this image that I had saved a while ago for the blog from Remodelista:

Fabulous even without a shade!

Oh when will my darling arrive???

Saw these great images of a bathroom from the Soho Hotel the other day.


The walls are actually wallpaper, but could be easily achieved with a Sharpie and a lot of patience!

This is the Aviary paper by Schumacher, and like all Schumacher papers costs a bomb:

2 doodles a day… how long would that take???

I have been seeing more of these Plumen energy saving bulbs around lately.

Thinking they look pretty sharp with the right lamp.

Wonder if they are soft enough to avoid glare without dimming, though, as I doubt these are dimmable…?

Michael Flatley would weep…I am dancing a scissoring jig of joy at winning an ebay auction for Erik Hansen’s Le Klint 335 lamp!

I spied this little beauty a few nights ago listed incorrectly as Panton and breathed a gasp of furtive hope. Could it be?

Born in 1952 from a collaboration between designer Erik Hansen and Le Klint, this scissor lamp currently retails at about £400.

Smug moment — cue drumroll — I got it for £85 including shipping!

Yes, the shade is a little crumpled, but as you can see below, it looks great even with a simple, un-Le Klint shade.

Granted, it is much more fabulous with the intended, pleated shade. Looks like a replacement shade is around 100EUR in Denmark. I’ll worry about this later. Maybe I can fix the shade somehow once I have it in my grubby little trotters.

I have a space all ready and waiting for her…diddlee-dee, diddlee-dum….

…and back to the regularly programmed house madness.

As mentioned last week, I ended up getting the String shelving with a chest of three drawers and four shelves from the lovely Chris at Modern Metropolis in Wandsworth for a mere £200! Pretty amazing compared to £750+ for the same set up of shelves and a set of 2 drawers at Skandium! (The pikey in me does a jig of joy!

Not only is the wood/veneer in great condition with only a couple scratches, but Chris let me pick and chose which unit I wanted with the set, so I got my much needed drawers. Very pleased.

Here are my shelves with everything on top of them, waiting for a paint job and hanging with the shelves above to house all my treasures.

I have decided to paint only the outside of the unit white gloss, and leave the drawers teak, as they are in perfect condition and just too pretty to cover up. This will also allow me to cover up the worst of the scratches on top of the chest.

Plus, as I sold the walnut chest I had listed on ebay I can now revel in the woody-ness of it all and not have to worry about too many contrasting hues in the bedroom… Yay! (Amusingly, the person who bought it also wanted my unfinished oak bedside table, so I sold that too! Now I am on the hunt for a new side table to paint yellow.)

I am hoping to get a look similar to this BDDW one with the white around edges of the chest:

I sanded the brackets the other day and have started spray painting …then promptly ran out of paint. Now I  am trying to patiently wait for more Rustoleum to arrive in the mail.

It turns out that there are 2 types of brackets with my set, thicker, sturdier ones that are powder coated metal, and unfortunately flimsier ones with the looped ends that have a spongy/rubbery coating. As to be expected with this stuff, some of it has come off in places and looks a bit…meh.

Hopefully when it is all together I won’t be fixating on these blemishes! I am trying to gum them together with paints, but let’s face it, it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe I will take some glue to them and seal them up.

I will post the finished product in a few weeks when they are done. Wish me luck hanging them…gulp.

Now to gently transition from the Bubblicious madness last week, let me continue to bore you with my crazy shopping extravaganza – loosely titled ‘my yearly birthday bonanza’!

Not only did I score my String shelving at Modern Metropolis last week…and my Belgian bubble-wannabe…but also I saw an amazing, monstrously huge, round mirror by Durlston Designs which I couldn’t get out of my head. It is just like the one below:

When I say this is large –  in terms of a table-top dressing mirror it is gargantuan – nearly 2 feet across!

I love the over-sized-ness of it. It is solid, heavy metal… and the deep lip of the frame…sigh.

There went the other kidney.

I have tried googling these to find out a bit more about the designers, etc, but only find listings for other mirrors who list them as being from the 1960s by Owen F. Thomas for Durlston Designs in Surrey.

I can’t find anything on the company or the designer. Anyone have any info?

They are gorgeous, tho….sort of like mirror bubbles!

Look at the ones with teak:

Even in red!

Wiping the drool of my chin. I am amazing how contemporary they feel. You can imagine them selling at SCP in Shoreditch for £300!

The metal ones are beauties as well. This one looks like a smaller dresser mirror:

And how about this one, similar to mine? Love the legs!

They look like they might have been some sort of industrial or display mirrors.

Fecking fabulous, once again.

I am now officially out of space and selling things off on ebay! Stay tuned for Winston’s retail storefront.

No. Really. ;-D


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