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…and back to the regularly programmed house madness.

As mentioned last week, I ended up getting the String shelving with a chest of three drawers and four shelves from the lovely Chris at Modern Metropolis in Wandsworth for a mere £200! Pretty amazing compared to £750+ for the same set up of shelves and a set of 2 drawers at Skandium! (The pikey in me does a jig of joy!

Not only is the wood/veneer in great condition with only a couple scratches, but Chris let me pick and chose which unit I wanted with the set, so I got my much needed drawers. Very pleased.

Here are my shelves with everything on top of them, waiting for a paint job and hanging with the shelves above to house all my treasures.

I have decided to paint only the outside of the unit white gloss, and leave the drawers teak, as they are in perfect condition and just too pretty to cover up. This will also allow me to cover up the worst of the scratches on top of the chest.

Plus, as I sold the walnut chest I had listed on ebay I can now revel in the woody-ness of it all and not have to worry about too many contrasting hues in the bedroom… Yay! (Amusingly, the person who bought it also wanted my unfinished oak bedside table, so I sold that too! Now I am on the hunt for a new side table to paint yellow.)

I am hoping to get a look similar to this BDDW one with the white around edges of the chest:

I sanded the brackets the other day and have started spray painting …then promptly ran out of paint. Now I  am trying to patiently wait for more Rustoleum to arrive in the mail.

It turns out that there are 2 types of brackets with my set, thicker, sturdier ones that are powder coated metal, and unfortunately flimsier ones with the looped ends that have a spongy/rubbery coating. As to be expected with this stuff, some of it has come off in places and looks a bit…meh.

Hopefully when it is all together I won’t be fixating on these blemishes! I am trying to gum them together with paints, but let’s face it, it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe I will take some glue to them and seal them up.

I will post the finished product in a few weeks when they are done. Wish me luck hanging them…gulp.


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