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Love the simplicity of this room. So simple except for the luxurious Pia Wallén blanket.


Quietly luxurious.

Update- I initially thought this was the £580+ Crux blanket but then realised the crosses are much smaller. Lo and behold, Wallén has released a cotton flannel version at a much more reasonable £146!

A couple great shots from the new Rue Magazine:


Some great circus themed shots from London location agency JJ Locations:

So the big reveal on the pillows!

I am positive I have mentioned my love of Ikea’s Saralisa fabric in a past post, but let me say it again….I love the Japanese-kimono, fish-scale-like-pattern (say that all in one breath) in this print:


I used the fabric a few years ago for some bedroom blackout curtains – below in the old flat with the much hated Ikea bed that came with the flat (the sharpest corners in the world. If you love your shins avoid this cheap hunk!) – and still love them today.

I kept telling myself the pattern was too graphic and distinctive to re-use…but then broke down on the pillow front!

So here they are, my new Saralisa cushions.

I decided I didn’t want them matching, as for some reason matching pillows make me slightly retch at the moment.  I also decided they should have zips. Don’t ask me why, though I guess it was because I was telling myself that it would make them more reversible – I put a black and white stripe fabric on the back.

As a result, they took me most of an afternoon as I struggled to figure out how a zip could be hidden in the seam.

Here are a couple of detail shots of the process – minus the endless unpicking! (well, ok, it wasn’t as bad as some other projects, but it did take me a while to sort out.)

Did you see that? I even hand-basted!!! Out of necessity, but STILL!

I think they turned out fairly well, and the zip is fairly concealed. I am well pleased.

( The more observant of you might notice that I snuck a shot of my beloved Glerups in there!)

Sweet Saralisa. I love you.

After months of looking at our once prized cushions, bought with our sofa only 3 years ago and already fraying in a horrifically ghetto way (grrr), a few weeks ago I decided to get on with recovering them.

(Especially as the inner feather cushions were slowly shedding their bounty all over the damn room and making it look like a chicken coop! Enough was enough.)

Here are shots of the offending covers:

So pretty, and yet so fragile, despite the deceiving weight of the fabric.

You’d think for the £50 each Highly Sprung tried to charge us for them, they would have let us know the fabric wasn’t suitable for pillows when we selected it! My only consolation is that I managed to wrangle them into throwing them in for free…so can’t complain TOO loudly. Sort of.

But just look at the fraying:

Three years, and we weren’t rough with them…it is shameful.

Alright, my moaning over, I was telling myself I would go with something understated. Maybe a natural grey wool. Something classic and probably…felted (still obsessed, yes).

So I ordered some beautiful wool swatches:

…and though I saw some beautiful fabrics for future projects, nothing really worked with the sofa.

Too dark or too light in the greys, and looked dull in our nook of a lounge. Even the brights like that fantastic orange didn’t feel right.

Back to the search I went.

I will let you see what I chose later in the week…a bit of a tease, but have to run!

I am really loving the whole ‘Davy Crocket’ chic thing that has been going on during the last few winters.

All the red/black plaid, trapper hats, bulky knits, fur (I know, I know), and big chunky boots take me back to harsh Canadian winters in the woods.

I can smell the fires smoke just looking at all that rough wool!

The interiors translations are cheese-ily tongue and cheek, mixing high camp with classic cabin.

However, what I am really loving is the more minimal, modern translation  into interiors this year like the firewood displays below.

both images via

All that natural wood with pale colours is so calming.

From felt balls to …wooden ones…



Beautiful idea for a calendar (though, lets face it, who would actually move the balls??? Nice for an xmas countdown, though.):


Another future project if I can find any of these large wooden beads for cheap – one of these long ‘house necklaces’.


Drawn to the bohemian feel of these faded out colours…




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