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Two very different rooms with the same Kaiser Idell 6556 desk lamp…


…and it looks fabulous in both the boho and more gritty industrial.

I have been under the weather lately, but hoping to get back to my lamp restoration madness soon. I really want sort out those lamps I have sitting in the studio pronto, so I can get my own 6556 up and running…I just love the shape!




A harmonious mix of old and new…


Earlier in January I posted on dark peacock blue walls. Oddly (for me), I haven’t yet tired of the colour and still find myself being drawn to dark teal walls.

The colour looks perfect with crisp brilliant white and woodsy browns…especially the smokey blues like above.

via Rosel and Greene, Bolaget, Apartment Therapy

A testimony to the power of quirk…the rabbit teapot absolutely makes this photo!


As does this ratty leather chair and the vintage box of Players cigarettes…and what about the little red striped creature with the blue head? Fab.


Little touches like these really make a house feel personal and unstuffy.

Or maybe you want to go whole hog and jump right over the cliff into Quirkville with some Meerkat wallpaper?


Wow. I’m not sure that even I could pull that one off…but it sure is fun!

via husligheter

A shot of fresh, cheery green for your Thursday. Green interiors are another hot trend at the moment.

It is funny, I used to be very anti-green for interiors, but the longer I live in an urban jungle away from trees and the large swathes of wild I grew up in, the more leafy greens in interiors appeal to me.

They now feel like a breath of much needed fresh air. Sigh.

via Lona De Anna

via Belle Maison

I am still planning green as the accent colour for the bathroom, but things have slowed a bit on  the home front as we try to draft-proof the icebox that the house has become in the cooler weather.

I do have an enormous Oleander plant in there now that doesn’t quite fit as it needed to come in from the cold to survive the winter, and the bathroom was the only place with enough room to house it! However, I still haven’t done the chalk drawing on the blackboard wall and it is weighing on me like a chittering monkey on my back!

Soon. I hope.

I’d love this fabric for the curtain!

via La Maison D’Anna G

Does anyone know who it is by?

Some punchy shots of orange from real estate site Alvhem:

and from Fantastic Frank:

D’Anna G.

Loving the warmth of colour the leather shell chair brings to this room.

Some great images from interior designer Robert Stilin’s portfolio.

Loving the chromed Hadrill Horstmann lamps on the bedside tables below:

Loving how low the art in the shot below was hung:

It brings the image into the vignette below by having the lamp and sculpture overlap it. Perfect.


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