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Some of you already know my love of treehouses. I think I have just found the ultimate, though – Sweden’s Treehotel.

How beautiful are these?

This one, called the Mirrorcube has an infrared coating in the glass so birds don’t fly into it!

The insides are just as beautiful:

The only downside is the price. At £420/night for the Mirrorcube only the elite will be able to afford these…

Feeling the serious need for a real, blue sky holiday to stretch the wings …



























On our trip south this weekend, we stayed at a gorgeous little B&B by Cranbrook called Waters End.

Here is a photo of the room we stayed in. The owner, Jill, did a beautiful job of decorating and outfitting the rooms. You could feel the love in the details, with gorgeous paper thin japanese tea cups on top of dressers and carefully thought out lighting. Everything was spotlesslessly clean and new.

The beds were feather soft Vi-Spring beds, with fab cotton linens, and a large claw foot tub rounded out the luxurious feel to the spaces. (I am now determined to buy a Vi-Spring mattress before I flutter to that great big parliament in the sky. I just have to find someone to purchase my owl-size kidney, and I will be all set.)

The house is a new replica of an old barn, using reclaimed timber and beautiful fixtures and fittings. It is placed on top of a large pond in the middle of 43 acres of farmland.
At the risk of spoiling a secret, you can book online here.

I went to the beach this weekend…my first trip to Hastings and Rye.

Luckily the weather cooperated and there was only a bit of rain, with a teeny bit of sunshine. Still freezing cold near the water on the tail feathers, but nice to see the beach.

Even nicer were the gorgeous things to be seen in the antique and charity shops, as I have become a bit of a bargain owl the last while. Got a few great things crossed off my list!

Here are a couple pictures at the beach. This is just past Rye near Winchelsea. The wind was a bit chill, but lovely to be by the water.
This next one is a shot of me and my friend Bubby. He is a house elf, so really enjoyed his freedom for the day! Good of the folks to let him out for some fun…


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