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Some time ago I sent Winston on an extended holiday in sunnier climes and moved on to another blog and venture at From the Purl Side where I have been blogging on my knitting adventures.

I thought I would just let any of you still following along over here that I have just launched my new shop Kettle Yarn Co. on etsy, selling hand dyed and painted luxury yarns!
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For the grand opening I am offering 10% off your first purchase for signing up to the mailing list. Details on how to sign up for the discount at the shop and on the blog.

Kettle Yarn Co. is all about quality yarns in stunning colours that stand up to everyday wear and tear. We’ve worked hard to find hardwearing yarn in luxuriously soft blends that will be gentle enough for the most sensitive skins, while still standing the test of time.

Our yarn bases are carefully sourced from ethical British mills to ensure animal welfare and support the British Wool Industry. We use mild, vinegar-set dyes that are colourfast and aim to exhaust all dyes in every dye bath to reduce any negative impact on the environment. All products are also chemical fragrance-free, so the only smell you’ll find is sheepy goodness!

These glorious yarns are then lovingly kettle dyed in small batches by hand to get a subtle depth of colour for people as crazy about luscious colour as we are. Our semi-solid colourways have been developed to highlight and enhance your hard work… and you!

As eco-warrior ‘wannabes’ we make every effort to exhaust all dyes in the dyebath to keep water pure. But if you are intending on using your yarn for colourwork or with paler colours please give it a wash first to be safe, as some colours don’t take as strongly as others (you’ll be able to tell when you soak your swatch).

You can find the official shop on Etsy:

Hope to hear from you over on the ‘other side’….

ps. comments on this blog have been disconnected as I was getting heaps of spam!


Well my dears, Winnie needs to take a break from interiors for a bit and has gone a bit crazy on the knitting front!

I don’t think I will be posting here for a while, but for anyone interested in my obsessiveness being transferred over to yarn form, join me at From the Purl Side.

Hope to see you soon.

x W

ps. I have disabled comments as spam is getting out of hand!




The Roost has been nominated for Apartment Therapy’s Homies for the Best Home Design Blog category!

How utterly exciting.

We are in some pretty amazing company ….So many exciting blogs to check out.

Please vote for us and check them all out here!


via Marie Claire Maison

Why is it that sometimes the thing you make first, unthinkingly, and with the least amount of work turns out the best?

I whipped up a quick sample for a felt coaster last week and had great fun smunching it down into this wibbly-wobbly lovely little thing of joy:

It looks so wonderous with my Ellen Malmer dish. Here is one more, just to show off:

Problem is, I have since spent a wad of cash and ages of time knitting a placemat which DID NOT FELT PROPERLY.

Don’t believe those women at the knit shops. Do your own research.

No, wool that has anything else added to it WILL NOT felt properly.

Is it wrong to wish ill on someone for something so trivial? I mean really ill?





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