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Drawn to the bohemian feel of these faded out colours…



Two very different rooms with the same Kaiser Idell 6556 desk lamp…


…and it looks fabulous in both the boho and more gritty industrial.

I have been under the weather lately, but hoping to get back to my lamp restoration madness soon. I really want sort out those lamps I have sitting in the studio pronto, so I can get my own 6556 up and running…I just love the shape!



A harmonious mix of old and new…


A testimony to the power of quirk…the rabbit teapot absolutely makes this photo!


As does this ratty leather chair and the vintage box of Players cigarettes…and what about the little red striped creature with the blue head? Fab.


Little touches like these really make a house feel personal and unstuffy.

Or maybe you want to go whole hog and jump right over the cliff into Quirkville with some Meerkat wallpaper?


Wow. I’m not sure that even I could pull that one off…but it sure is fun!

via husligheter

I am getting back into colour swatching, mainly as a means to pick out the combinations  I am most attracted to!

This next combo is from the EST magazine showcase on interior designer James Huniford’s Hampton’s home which I find quite refreshing.

Not as glaringly white as the images I have been attracted to lately, this home is more traditional in feel and the house is filled with driftwood silver greys, faded sand woods and stormy sea blues.

I really love the drama of the massive ship’s anchor chain in the bedroom:

I also love the mix of all the antique woods – different patinas all thrown in together…

…and the scrappy objects around the house that add texture and keep the space from feeling too sterile. Though you can tell the shots were styled for a North American magazine as it just feels a little too pristine instead of lived in.

Overall, though, the space feels comfy and inviting.

I have always loved the look of antique/vintage shoe lasts and have been seeing more and more interesting things made of them lately dotted around the web.

Two notable examples are from Canadian twins Jason and Lars who work under the name the Brothers Dressler.

From bud vases and coat hooks in Canada…to lamps in Australia:

to book ends and toilet roll holders in the UK

and just plain weirdness in Sweden!

Another global upcycling trend!

Some time ago I posted on mirrors with rounded edges and planned to follow it up with a post on totally round ones….then got sidetracked and it sat in my drafts folder for months.

I revisited it today and found that I wasn’t really interested in round mirrors in general anymore (awwwrk, shiney! Attention span of a gnat.) but am more interested in where the round mirror mania that has been going on for a few months now comes from.

The original post was kicked off by this Captain’s Mirror by BDDW that everyone, including myself, has been panting over for ages now:

I discovered that the mirror references a series of leather mirrors designed by Jacques Adnet in the 50s for Hermes. The original Adnet mirrors currently sell for over $2000 at stores like Orange on 1stDibs.

From Danish design site Gubi, who has just re-released some of Adnet’s mirrors:

‘Jacques Adnet (1900 – 1984) was a French architect and Art Deco Modernist designer and an icon of luxurious French Modernism…In 1950, Adnet formed a partnership with the French fashion house, Hermes, where he developed a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. Accordingly, he made a round leather mirror with brass hinges. Besides the remarkable leather and brass details, the mirror is also unique as the strap that holds the mirror is in direct proportion to the dimension of the mirror.’

He also made this design with silk cord:

Check out the gorgeous brass findings.

1st Dibs

Here is a rather different rectangular one which feels even more like it should be hanging in a stable to me:


While there are a dozen knock-offs kicking about at the moment, I really loved this DIY of the mirror by a Design Sponge reader, Lucy,who manages to knock up a similar version by hand:

Amazing job on detailing and craftsmanship! Well done Lucy!

See the step by step here. I am sorely tempted to add this to my gargantuan project list, but can hear Bubby’s voice in my head commenting on how many mirrors we already have in the house from a few months back.

But really, can you ever have too many mirrors?


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