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I really should stop dropping into The Republic of Fritz Hansen every time I am the Oxford Circus area! I usually go in to gloat at the vintage knickknacks they are selling for a bomb which I already own and scored for cheap. ( Yes. I am sad. ūüėČ )

However, every time I go in there I also find they have brought something new and beautiful in shop for me to covet…

…like these Festivo candlesticks I snapped below last week by Timo Sarpaneva for¬†Iittala.

I have seen these a million times in images, as they have been around since 1966, but seeing their solid chunkiness shimmering in real light made all the difference.

I want them now. In multiples. Many mulitples. Like below…


What a greedly gorgeous grouping. Even without candles they are stunning. Sigh.

As happens, I am now noticing them everywhere:


Here is the old school label:


Check out those great candles!

I am thinking this year is the perfect year to start collecting, as not only do I have a milestone birthday coming up (!), but have a dear friend crossing for a visit via…wait for it…FINLAND! How perfect is the timing? I know for a fact she will be visiting the Iittala factory, so may put in a request before she goes.

Also putting it out there to any of you, nearer the time (several months yet!), who may be struggling to find a gift (I know I am a right royal pain in the arse to shop for, so since my early twenties have tried to make it easier. I know no shame.).

One of these, any size will do. For the next 3 years. Heh. No, seriously!

I really like the idea of getting these from my nearest and dearest and being able to think back to this birthday every time I see them.


I have a Monday morning question for all of you out there…Does anyone know who these chairs are by?

The images are from a Swedish real estate site, so they are likely Scandi.


Dammit! ¬†You know when you see something and think…hmmmm…what could I used those for?

I saw a bunch of strappy brown leather belts at a charity shop the other day.

Knew I should have grabbed them:



Have a bit thing for targets at the moment.

I want to frame one for the wall…though running out of walls for art!! Is that sad?


Thing is, you can only get new ones in packs of 100+!




Anyone fancy going halfers?

I think what my room needs is a hanging planter to bring in the Spring (mid winter cold snap, anyone?).

Now, after a failed attempt to get a gorgeous little fat lava wall bulb on ebay (it arrived cracked. sigh), I kind of gave up for a bit.

Then I saw this shot over at the The Brick House and am back on the troll for something.

Macramé? Hmmm. Something.

I am not sure I can commit to macramé.

Though maybe crazy fluorescent macramé?

I have been wanting a soft jute bag for years now, but can’t seem to find any for a reasonable price.

There is something about the colour and texture of the soft jute that appeals.

all images via

I¬†have taken up knitting like a mad thing, and am determined to finally learn how to do it properly. I have been trying since I was twelve, and don’t even want to think of the number of decades I have only been able to knit variations of squares. This is the year.

That said, I am thinking once I learn how to decrease and increase reasonably well I might attempt to knit a jute bag or basket.

Something chunky like the Ferm Living one below, perhaps:

Will keep you posted on the journey!

From felt balls to …wooden ones…



Beautiful idea for a calendar (though, lets face it, who would actually move the balls??? Nice for an xmas countdown, though.):


Another future project if I can find any of these large wooden beads for cheap – one of these long ‘house necklaces’.


Happy New Year lovelies!

Did you all make it through the festivities?

The holidays at the Roost were a calm and restful affair this year, and I hope the same for all of you.

As mentioned in an inadvertent post-xmas post (I intended to schedule the placemat post, but it all went horribly wrong. heh) I decided I would use xmas gift money to treat myself to the much covetted pair of glorious Danish Glerups slippers. They arrived a few weeks ago and I have to say I have not regretted a single penny of the £52 I spent on them.

(Yes, I know, I know, it seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a pair of slippers. But you know what? They truly are AMAZING!)

The ads don’t lie – they are addictive!¬†Super soft, thick and unbelievably warm. So warm that I frequently have to take them off as my tootsies get …wait for it… too hot!

My feet have got from ice cold cringers from our insanely cold, uninsulated floors (flagstones in the kitchen?? What Dickensian chic were our landlords going for?), to toasty and cushioned by little clouds. Bliss.

It is really amazing how the felted wool creates heat on bare skin. Who knew?

Here is the big reveal (pay no mind to the hairy ankles. It IS winter, after all. ūüėČ ):

They are very sturdily made out of thick felt and the suede soles carefully stitched on. Definitely made to last for years. A good investment in comfort if you ask me.

I got the short booties, thinking it would be nice to have the backs to hold my feet in when I have them up on the footstool, but now wish I had gotten the longer booties as the backs dig in a little with feet up. I am guessing this will soften up with repeated squishing, tho. It’s not a biggie.

I got them from Brandosa with a 20% off voucher, which they likely have quite often. Just keep an eye out on myvouchers if you are in the UK.

I HIGHLY recommend them if you have cold floors…or if you just love your feet. Think I might get some felt insoles for my shoes now after experiencing the joy that is felt.

They have created a monster. I thought I loved felt before – but now! Oh dear.

After getting my marvelous Glerup slippers for xmas I am (once again) caught up in a serious love of felt.

I have been on the hunt for new felt placemats for a couple years now, and just realised that I will never find what I am looking for at the price I want…so I had better get on the making of them!

This is the type of thing I have in mind:


Chunky, organic and in natural colours. Likely in my favourite natural wool colours –¬†grey and winter white.

The plan? Look for some cheap, scritchy, scratchy wool sweaters at the Sally and then learn how to crochet circles. How hard could it be?

(she asks, cringing)

It couldn’t be much harder than knitting, can it?

(more on the magnificent slippers to come once I take some photos!!)

The newest obsession around the Roost… moulded felt slippers.

As the ongoing quest to stay warm in our icebox continues I am trying to find some cozy slippers which are sturdy enough on the bottoms to block out the chill of the bare floorboards and icy paving stones in the kitchen.

I ran across Pia Wallen’s felted slippers but they didn’t look quite what I was after…no soles…and at that price they had to be perfect!


Then I saw these:

Made in Denmark these Gelrups were designed by Nanny Gelrup in 1993 as a hobby, knitting socks, then felting them into booties and adding a suede sole. They became so popular that she and her husband have found a way to produce them for sale.

From The Label Finder:

‘Handmade from 100% pure, natural wool. The wool is treated naturally, and the product is followed closely, all the way from the animal to your foot. The wool is washed in soft water and trimmed afterwards. The wool is made into socks and Ô¨Ānally felted with steam. After this they are Ô¨Ātted with soles of pure soft calves¬ī skin.’

They come in a variety of styles from clogs to little booties and even come with a rubber sole as a shoe.

I do love the booties:



But the rubber soled ones would last longer and stay cleaner:


Think this will be my xmas money purchase, but which one?

Decisions, decisions!


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