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More and more faceted bowls and dishes are cropping up lately and I am loving them.

These jelly bean hued planters are by Kelly Lamb and come in cast ceramic and concrete.

They also come in hanging planters, which is fab, as I have been looking for an interesting hanging planter for the house…except that they aren’t available in the UK. Hmmph.

These ones below by Kosta Boda are cut out of marble and called ‘Diva’.

How perfect!


My newest weekly (or so it seems!) obsession are Kaiser Idell lamps.

As the new Fritz Hansen store in the West End opened recently I went by on lunch to check it out the other day…

…and got a serious drool on when I saw the Idell lamps in real life!

The ones show above have been re-released by Fritz Hansen and are really solid, glossy and gorgeous. The Luxus 6631 desk lamps are much larger than I expected and make a huge statement on a table. Beautiful.

When you see them you’ll notice that all the ones produced by Kaiser Leuchten GmbH have ‘ORIGINAL KAISER IDELL’ stamped on the shades.

It is so exciting to be learning more and more about design classics and one of the most interesting parts is finding out about the designers themselves as I do my research!

A little background – initially a silversmith, Christian Dell designed numerous lamps and was the principal of the Bauhaus metal shop from 1922 to 1925 before Hitler dismissed him.

His biggest success, the iconic KAISER Idell – ‘idell’ standing for Dell’s ‘idea’ – were produced during this time in cooperation with the lighting manufacturer Gebr. Kaiser & Co. in Neheim, Germany.

I thought I would try itemising all of the ones I could find, as there doesn’t seem to be a reference for them all anywhere online, and, let’s just say it – I am a huge, categorizing NERD!!!

The only thing I could find were these drawings on the Fritz Hansen site:

There seems to be a gazillion different models, though…a bit scary!

I think this might take a while…so lets see how far I get.

Here is a bio at Ketterer Kunst if you want to read more about the man.

To be continued…

I have become obsessed with this image from Bo-laget‘s website.

The colours are exactly the ones have in my bedroom at the moment…except for the green….and I get a huge warm fuzzy every time I look at the shot! I love the fabric used on the chair and headboard! It just looks so cozy and calm…I think it is now, officially, in my top ten of interiors shots! (simple? who me??)

The image is from a real estate agency’s website in Malmö who has garnered so much interest in their beautiful photographs that they have launched an ‘inspiration’ section on their website and facebook – Bolaget Inspiration.

One small glitch is that the search function doesn’t seem to work (Google Translate is only so effective!)…but there are still quite a few gorgeous images on the site to troll through.

Every single place they are selling is STUNNING and have to be flying off the market! They must have an amazing stylist and photographer on hand for all these…because if everyone in Sweden lives like this, I am moving NOW (or just crying big crocodile tears of envy and wishing I had been born with a silver spoon up my avian butt so I could recreate my own Swedish perfection in London!).

Sigh…so damn pretty they bring a tear to my little owl eyes…

Wanting to give myself a swift kick for not nabbing 2 Kandya Jason chairs at the Vintage Festival at Southbank a few weeks ago.

They were covered in peeling white paint and looked a mess, but with a little TLC, this is what they COULD have looked like.

Designed by Danish designer Carl Jacobs and manufactured in London by British firm Kandya, the Jason chair’s seat and back are folded from a single sheet of flexible plywood. The sheet wraps around the chair and joins below the seat in a jigsaw puzzle-type connection.

Designed for domestic use, the chair was in continuous production for almost twenty years.

Metal legs were an option:

And it came in a number of colours:

It is now in my official list of the top 5 chairs I must own! If anyone know where I could find some to restore, please let me know…

I am not one for inspirational quotes, etc, but loving this faux-circus chalk billboard…

What a great idea for a cabinet makeover!

Every time I come across this image it makes me stop and take a little sigh of contentment!

Does anyone know who this wallpaper is by? I think I want it…

After getting my marvelous Glerup slippers for xmas I am (once again) caught up in a serious love of felt.

I have been on the hunt for new felt placemats for a couple years now, and just realised that I will never find what I am looking for at the price I want…so I had better get on the making of them!

This is the type of thing I have in mind:


Chunky, organic and in natural colours. Likely in my favourite natural wool colours – grey and winter white.

The plan? Look for some cheap, scritchy, scratchy wool sweaters at the Sally and then learn how to crochet circles. How hard could it be?

(she asks, cringing)

It couldn’t be much harder than knitting, can it?

More fun items, these ones from Polly George:

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Cress heads

…how could I NOT love them AND their logo!??

Check out their printed cashmere scarves!

And my personal favourite…Carmilla in grey:

Aren’t they pretty? They are not selling in the UK yet, but that is ok, as they are $218 US, so I have plenty of saving to do for the day they are…! ;-D

ps. for my ladies around the world, they are selling out of select shops in the US, Canada, Asia and a few European countries. Check out their website here for a drool.


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