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Have you even seen a piece of furniture that just…talks to you?

New to the ‘Winston’s Top 5 Chairs I WANT’ is Børge Mogensen’s sleigh chair.

I am in LOVE. If I ever see it for sale and have a kidney to spare it is mine.

So fun, yet so stylish. It combines my love of tobagganning (except for when friends push you down the ‘canyon of death’ on one. Yes you. I still remember. Heh.) with my love of Danish design.

So perfect.

On another note, a quick thank you to my lovely readers for your comments, likes and feedback! It is really encouraging feeling like there are people out there reading my babbles!

I even got to meet the husband of one of my readers the other day, which was a little surreal – bringing the Roost into real life (Finbarr hopes you love the chair!). I really should have put an owl mask on to maintain the anonymity!

Anyway. Thanks all. Makes me feel a little less like I am talking to myself on here!

Wanting to give myself a swift kick for not nabbing 2 Kandya Jason chairs at the Vintage Festival at Southbank a few weeks ago.

They were covered in peeling white paint and looked a mess, but with a little TLC, this is what they COULD have looked like.

Designed by Danish designer Carl Jacobs and manufactured in London by British firm Kandya, the Jason chair’s seat and back are folded from a single sheet of flexible plywood. The sheet wraps around the chair and joins below the seat in a jigsaw puzzle-type connection.

Designed for domestic use, the chair was in continuous production for almost twenty years.

Metal legs were an option:

And it came in a number of colours:

It is now in my official list of the top 5 chairs I must own! If anyone know where I could find some to restore, please let me know…


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