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Now to gently transition from the Bubblicious madness last week, let me continue to bore you with my crazy shopping extravaganza – loosely titled ‘my yearly birthday bonanza’!

Not only did I score my String shelving at Modern Metropolis last week…and my Belgian bubble-wannabe…but also I saw an amazing, monstrously huge, round mirror by Durlston Designs which I couldn’t get out of my head. It is just like the one below:

When I say this is large –  in terms of a table-top dressing mirror it is gargantuan – nearly 2 feet across!

I love the over-sized-ness of it. It is solid, heavy metal… and the deep lip of the frame…sigh.

There went the other kidney.

I have tried googling these to find out a bit more about the designers, etc, but only find listings for other mirrors who list them as being from the 1960s by Owen F. Thomas for Durlston Designs in Surrey.

I can’t find anything on the company or the designer. Anyone have any info?

They are gorgeous, tho….sort of like mirror bubbles!

Look at the ones with teak:

Even in red!

Wiping the drool of my chin. I am amazing how contemporary they feel. You can imagine them selling at SCP in Shoreditch for £300!

The metal ones are beauties as well. This one looks like a smaller dresser mirror:

And how about this one, similar to mine? Love the legs!

They look like they might have been some sort of industrial or display mirrors.

Fecking fabulous, once again.

I am now officially out of space and selling things off on ebay! Stay tuned for Winston’s retail storefront.

No. Really. ;-D



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