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As mentioned in a previous post I have recently bought into the warm, sunny mustard trend wholeheartedly and not only found a throw for the Roost…

…but had a couple extra made to sell on, just in time for the cold weather that is creeping in!

Woven in soft, insulating 100% New Zealand lambswool, these yummy blankets are made in the UK by one of Britain’s oldest woolen mills and are a perfect way to add a sunny splash of colour and texture to a chilly room.

The edges are finished with a durable blanket stitch…

…and the blanket can be hand or machine washed gently at 30ºC using a specialty wool detergent. Just reshape after washing and dry flat.

Treated with care these blankets should keep you warm and cozy for a lifetime!


These are now gone. Thanks for the interest!


My throw obsession continues with mustard yellow…

Over the last year and a bit I have noticed quality mustard-coloured items creeping, almost apologetically, into housewares – like this sofa below.

Once upon a time I would have cringed away from the colour as a throwback to my 70s childhood, but as I approach a certain milestone in age find myself looking at the hue with nostalgic warmth!

This season the colour – redubbed by some (ridiculously) as ‘saffron’ – is out and proud, hitting the high street in  mass with the autumn fashion rollout!

Here are some images of mustard throws that I have been hoarding. The one below is a fairly old-school interpretation, with muted browns and olives:

A more modern take bounces the yellow off more brightly saturated hues like these blues, oranges and purples.

The result is more punchy, cheery and warm…MUCH more juicy.

On the hunt for mustard throws…


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